Calendula + Rose + Hibiscus + Hemp + Lavender
For All Skin Types
Revive + Renew + Restore

Hydrate + Calming + Healing Face Scrub


Calendula*- Heals blemishes, scarring, inflammation.  Healing flow for dry skin. Aids in the regeneration of skin.  Moisturizing.
Rose*- Relaxes and calms overactive skin.  Helps maintain skin pH level. Reduces blackheads & acne.
Hemp Seed Oil*- Restores hydration.  Reduce & heal painful inflamed acne. Balance and regulates oil production, wont clog pores. 
Hibiscus*- Calms & soothes skin. Reduces acne. Antioxidants
Lavender*- Relaxes & calms irritating skin conditions like eczema.  Allows skin to breathe.

Net Wt. 4 oz.


The Revival Rose & Hibiscus Face Scrub

  • Wet Face. Scoop scrub onto hands and wet it a little. Apply over your face and GENTLY massage in a circular motion, avoiding eye area. Let sit on face for about 15-30 seconds to let your skin soak it up. Rinse off and pat dry.