Coffee + Brown Sugar + Geranium

For All Skin Types
Improve Skin Elasticity + Tighten & Tone Skin + Healthy & Glowing Skin


Sugar Goddess Snap Back Face Sugar is packed with natural & organic ingredients that improve skin elasticity, keeps skin firm and tight, and provides you with a healthy glow.  Goddesses from ALL SKIN TYPES can enjoy this one.

Organic Coffee*- Improves Blood Flow & Circulation.  Improves skin elasticity. Fades dark spots.
Brown & Cane Sugar*- Clears away dry & dead skin.  Anti-bacterial and Glycolic Acid properties keep your skin healthy and glowing.  Exfoliates & smooth skin.
Geranium Essential Oil- Reduce sagging of skin, especially after weight loss.  Tighten and tones skin. Enhances the texture of your skin.


Net Wt. 4 oz.

Snap Back Coffee & Brown Sugar Face Scrub

  • Wet Face. Scoop scrub onto hands and wet it a little. Apply over your face and GENTLY massage in a circular motion, avoiding eye area. Let sit on face for about 15-30 seconds to let your skin soak it up. Rinse off and pat dry.