A "new year, a new you" you say?  Well its time to detox, starting with your skin.

Detox your skin and your surroundings

Purify your skin and your soul
Protect your skins barrier & your peace

With our NEW! Detox Activated Charcoal & Pink Himalayan Salt Body Scrub.


Made with Activated Charcoal and Pink Himalayan Salt this Whipped Luxury Body Scrub acts as a magnet to go deep into pores and pull and lift dirt and oil out while gently exfoliating, purifying & moisturizing your skin.  It aids in reducing body acne and reviving skins' natural GLOW.


Sage & Lemon Essential Oils also combine to help improve mental clarity and uplift your vibe.  This is the ULTIMATE DETOX BODY SCRUB.


Net Wt. 8oz.


Pair it & Get the ultimate Detox for your Face & your Body by adding our  DETOX Charcoal & Red Clay Face Mask! 

Detox Charcoal & Pink Himalayan Body Scrub

  • Pink Himalayan Sea Salt*, Coconut OIl*, Avocado Oil*, Activated Charcoal, Essential Oil ( *Organic Ingredient)