Pineapple + Papaya + Turmeric + Brown Sugar For Normal to Dry to Combination to Oily Skin Types Exfoliates + Glowing + Reduces Acne + Fades Dark Spots Cane & Brown Sugar*- Naturally exfoliates & moisturizes giving you a smooth surface. Pineapple Extract Powder*- Pineapple contains the fruit enzyme 'bromelain'. Bromelain is an effective exfoliant that sloughs off dead skin cells to reveal your natural GLOW. Reduces acne & inflammation. Softens skin & Increases skin's moisture levels. Fades dark spots & acne scarring. Papaya Seed Oil*- Papaya contains the “Papain” enzyme that is great for clearing scars and blemishes. Exfoliates skin giving you a smoother complexion. Black Seed Oil*- Anti-inflammatory and healing. Sunflower Seed Oil*- Lightweight oil. Tightens and firms’ skin. Turmeric- Clears acne, reduces dark spots, anti-inflammatory, reveals your natural GLOW 

Net Wt. 4 oz.

Glow Goddess Enzyme Face Scrub

  • Wet Face. Scoop scrub onto hands and wet it a little. Apply over your face and GENTLY massage in a circular motion, avoiding eye area. Let sit on face for about 15-30 seconds to let your skin soak it up. Rinse off and pat dry.