Activated Charcoal & Morrocan Red Clay Detox Face Mask

Purpose: Clarifying + Detox Mask

For All Skin Types


Moroccan Red & Bentonite Clay- Reduces acne & controls oil. Tightens & firms’ skin.

Activated Charcoal - Acts as a magnet to reach deep down into pores and lift dirt, excess oils and environmental distress out of skin.  Reduces pores to aid in clearing blackheads/whiteheads. Absorbs Toxins & lift impurities. Detoxifies & Cleansing.

Black Walnut Hull Powder - Gently exfolaites skin and helps relieve irritation and calms inflammation. Help ease symptoms of Eczema.


Net Wt. 2oz

Detox Charcoal & Red Clay Face Mask

  • Mix 1-part mask with 1-part desired liquid, honey or yogurt.  Mix until it makes a paste. Apply to clean dry face. Avoid eyes area.  Let sit for 10-15 mins. Wash off and Pat Dry.