The Fall Vibes Collaboration Box is here and available to shop! This collection hits differently this year. With COVID-19 still here, many of the events and places we love to go in the Fall have been cancelled. I wanted to curate a Fall Collection that would fill your heart and mind with the feels, memories and vibes of these events that we may miss this year. When you read the titles of the Fall products and smell the scents, think about all the good times, all the memories, the laughs, the people you were with in those moments. That's what this collection is all about.  PLUS Sugar Goddess has also collaborated with @javiellecandles & @superlitcandles to bring CANDLES to the Fall Vibes Box. These candles are high quality and are unique to the Fall Collection. Let's raise the vibe!



1- 8oz Luxury Whipped Body Scrub

1- 4oz Luxury Whipped Body Butter

1- Candle from Javielle Candles or SuperLit Candles

1- 2oz Hand Sanitizer (COVID is still here)




Cuffin SZN- Honey, Vanilla & Sugar

Sunday Brunch- Blueberry, Waffles & Syrup

Homecoming SZN- Real Cabernet, Fall Berries & Leaves

Wine Hop With The Girls- Pear Riesling

Carnival Vibes- Apple, Cinnamon & Funnel Cake



Cloud 9- Blueberry, Cheesecake, Sativa (SOLD OUT)

Sneaux White- Apples, Bourbon, Butter (SOLD OUT)

Perfect Pear- Brandied Pear

Pumpkin Souffle



Fall Vibes Collection Box

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