Everything about water is loved by our skin! Our SKIN is the LARGEST organ in our bodies!!

Drinking adequate amounts of water daily is known to help:

- Flush toxins from our skin

- Shrink pores

- Clear acne

- Improve our complexion

- Balance our pH

- Slow down signs of aging in our skin

- Promote a faster healing process for our skin

- Keep our skin hydrated

HOWEVER, in Non-Preserved Natural Bath, Body & Skin Products, water can be our enemy. When water comes into contact or splashes into your product, it can reduce the shelf life and freshness if there is no preservative in your product. Preservatives contain chemicals and are not considered Natural/Organic/Clean. (If you know of a natural, organic, vegan preservative let the Goddess Community Know)

Sugar Goddess products are handmade fresh to order in small batches. Products do not contain a preservative. This is great news for our skin & health, but it requires some mild product maintenance.

No worries! I have you covered!

Applicable Sugar Goddess products come with a complimentary item(s) to help keep water away & out of your product & keep your products fresh! Designed with YOU in mind!

*Complementary tools include:

-Clear 2oz. Cup- Body Scrub, Face Scrub, Clay Mask, Lip Scrub

-Muslin Bag- Bath Soak

-Pink Spoon/Scoop- Body Scrub, Face Scrub, Clay Mask, Lip Scrub

*Tips to Preserve Your Product:

-Keep your products out of the shower/bath/path of water. Instead, use the provided tools to scoop your desired amount and take the clear cup/muslin bag into the shower/bath with you.

-Wash & Dry provided tools so you can reuse them

-Make sure finger/hands don’t have water on them should you choose to handle your product without the provided tools

-Store products in a cool/dry place. Body Butter melts at 75 degrees F. If oils have melted just pop your product in the fridge until its solidified. It’s a natural thing 😊

-Use products by the expiration date


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