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Hey Goddess! My name is Ashley & Im The CEO, Founder & Licensed Esthetician Of Sugar Goddess Beauty.

Here's My Story...

After tirelessly trying and paying for products that did not work, loaded with ingredients she had no idea, Ashley longed for an understanding of her skin, with skin and body care products from people that actually looked like her.


After years of being ashamed of her skin having low self-esteem from early skin issues, she was ready for healthy glowing skin without looking fake and airbrushed, simply something that made her feel confident & empowered, knowing that her skin is healthy using only clean ingredients.


Coming from a small area with very little knowledge or push for natural, safe, and clean ingredients, with a narrative of “it gets worse before it gets better”; from layering products like Lubriderm lotion and Vaseline just to help retain moisture, just masked her issues, decreasing her confidence and self-love.


It wasn’t until Ashley did her research and fell deeply in love with making her own products, she found something that would work for her specific skin type. She went on to Holistic Healing school in Georgia where she learned about exfoliation, masking, eczema and other skin irritations. Her research & studies led her understanding skin and then to making her own products.


Once Ashley had the knowledge and control of her own skin, people started to notice her new attitude and confidence and inquired what she used. It was then she realized the need to empower other Black women to use natural, culturally relevant ingredients that work and encourage natural, clean, and safe skin and body care products.


Ashley now educates Black women to understand their skin and what ingredients benefit their skin type. She empowers Black Women through her skin care line Sugar Goddess promoting #blackgirlluxury and self-care.

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